Canadian Business History Association Receives Endowment Funding Pledge of up to $3 Million

The study of business history in Canada has received a $2 million endowment from The Wilson Foundation. The endowment will support the Canadian Business History Association’s (CBHA/ACHA) mandate of encouraging the study of the country’s commercial history. The first $1 million of the endowment is immediate while the second $1 million will be triggered by matching donations.

“We are delighted that the Wilson Foundation has chosen to support the study of business history in Canada in such a generous manner.  Now, more than ever, studying business’s past can better inform the leaders and decision-makers of today and tomorrow, something that the Wilson Foundation recognizes, and we thank them for their support” said the CBHA’s Board Chair, Professor Dimitry Anastakis of the University of Toronto and the Rotman School of Management.

The Wilson Foundation’s endowment will allow the CBHA/ACHA to sustain its operations, expand its outreach, and launch new projects aimed at connecting Canadian students, scholars, archivists, business leaders, and the public with their business history, an essential element to how we understand Canada in an increasingly globalized world.  Projects supported by the Endowment will include financial support for students, expanded online and in-person events such as the CBHA/ACHA Talks and conferences, the digitization of important historical documents, and the creation of an online biographical inventory of Canadian business leaders. Created in 2015, the CBHA/ACHA brings together academics from a wide range of disciplines, archivists, and business leaders in the common pursuit of advancing the study and understanding of business history in Canada and operates through the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto.