The Canadian Business History Association - l'association canadienne pour l'histoire des affaires (CBHA/ACHA) is dedicated to the pursuit of Canadian business history and its role both domestically and in world business history.

Our specific aims include encouraging more studies of enterprise by Canadians and in Canada, helping build and maintain well-structured and open business archives, providing those who study business history a forum for discussing their research with those who practice business, encouraging research projects on relevant subjects and providing funding for such research,  and in general encouraging the study of business history in Canada.

Membership in the association is now open to individuals, firms, and groups.

150 Years of Canadian Business History
The CBHA/ACHA 2017 Conference celebrated Canada’s Sesquicentennial Year with the theme 150 Years of Canadian Business History.  This conference has its own dedicated website, which contains complete information and digital presentations of all Keynote and Session presentations.  The website can be viewed HERE.



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