Lectures & Presentations

The Canadian Business History Association - l'association canadienne pour l'histoire des affaires (CBHA/ACHA) presents public and member lectures on topics related to Canadian business history.   These talks are archived on the CBHA/ACHA YouTube Channel.

The following lectures and presentations are available for viewing:

  • Remarks of Tony Fell, legendary former Chairman and CEO of RBC Dominion Securities, the corporate and investment banking subsidiary of Royal Bank of Canada, and member of the Canadian Business Hall of Fame, on the History of Gold Markets.  September 17th, 2020 -View HERE.
  • Author Charlotte Gray presents on her book "Murdered Midas: A Millionaire, His Gold Mine, and a Strange Death on an Island Paradise". This extensively researched book is the fascinating story of the ill-fated Sir Harry Oakes, once the richest man in the British Empire, who was murdered in 1943. This unsolved murder became celebrated as 'the crime of the century'.  Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, January 2020 - View HERE.
  • C. Ian Kyer speaks on the fascinating history of the Gooderham family and business empire in Canadian business history. Gooderham & Worts was the prominent distillery company founded in 1832 that eventually became the diversified conglomerate Hiram Walker Gooderham Home, with additional ownership of oil & gas. The company was sold to Allied Lyons in 1987.  Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, January 2019 - View HERE.
  • Book Launch presentation for the CBHA/ACHA book Becoming 150: 150 Years of Canadian Business History presented by Mark S. Bonham at Massey College, University of Toronto, September 2018 - View HERE.
  • Call of Empire: From the Highlands to Hindostan, a talk on the history of the East India Company, Mr. Charles Baillie, Former Chief Executive Officer, TD Bank Financial Group, January 2018 - View HERE.
  • Tribute to the late Professors Chris Kobrak and Michael Bliss, Joe Martin, September 2017 - View HERE
  • Book Launch:Finding John Rae, author Alice Jane Hamilton, April 2017 - View HERE
  • A Conversation With Bay Street Legends: How Studying Canadian Business History Gave Us A Competitive Edge, Lynton R. (Red) Wilson, Tony Fell, David R. Smith, October 2016 - View HERE
  • An Analysis of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, Don Newman, CM, November 2016 - View HERE
  • Business Practitioners Reflect on Corporate Activity, A.R. (Sandy) Aird, James Arnett, and The Honourable Hal Jackman, May 2016 - View HERE
  • Managing Cross-Border Responsibilities: Deutsche Bank, the United States and Social Reputation, Professor Chris Kobrak, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, May 2016 - View HERE
  • Social Responsibility, Bloodshed at Seven Oaks, and the Merger of the Hudson's Bay and the North West Companies, Professor Joe Martin, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, May 2016 - View HERE
  • The Canadian Supreme Court and the Redevelopment of Social Corporations, Mr. Justice Marshall Rothstein, Canadian Supreme Court (Retired), May 2016 - View HERE
  • Canadian Financial Institutions: Reviewing their Global Ambitions and Corporate Social Policies, Mark S. Bonham, Senior Fellow - Massey College, University of Toronto, May 2016 - View HEREThe State of Canadian Business History, University Professor Emeritus Douglas McCalla, May 2016 - View HERE
  • The State of Canadian Business Archival Management, Dr. Amy Korczynski, Archivist, TD Financial Group, May 2016 - View HERE
  • The State of Canadian Business Archival Management, Mr. M. Stephen Salmon, Library & Archives Canada (Retired), May 2016 - View HERE
  • The 40-Year History of GUG - the German Business History Society, Ms. Andrea Schneider, President - GUG, May 2016 - View HERE