There are several types of membership in the CBHA/ACHA with different annual membership fees:

  • Young Scholars/Students/Retired   $25/year
  • Business Executives  $250/year
  • Senior Academics/Archivists  $100/year
  • General Public  $50/year
  • Small Corporations
  • Large Corporations

The benefits available vary according to the category of membership.

Benefits of membership can include:

  • ALL membership levels include a one-year complimentary subscription to Canada's History magazine.  Discover Canadian history as you’ve never seen it before. Each issue of Canada’s History is a treasure of Canadian stories waiting to be discovered — a mix of engaging features, columns, reviews and commentary plus historic photos, maps and illustrations. Canada's History is published six times a year.
  • Full access to Members Only section of website with unique member id and password;
  • Access to Conference, Seminar, and Symposium materials, including visuals and speaker contacts;
  • Inclusion and access to membership list, including a complete personal member profile page (name, picture, professional designation, research interests, publications, associated memberships, etc.);
  • Inclusion of corporate logos, identity, and links on the CBHA/ACHA website;
  • Receipt of periodic newsletter;
  • Discounts on leading journals and books in the field;
  • Assistance and advice on corporate archival record management policies and setup;
  • Job board for available positions in research and business;
  • Priority invitations and membership discount pricing for all conferences, seminars, and symposiums;
  • Access to member's research publications with discount pricing, and ability to list your research publications for other members.