Member Signup/Renewal

Thank you for joining the CBHA/ACHA.  The process for becoming a member is as follows:

  • Choose your category of membership from the options below;
  • Click on the PayPal Button to remit the membership fee;
  • At PayPal, you have the option of using an existing PayPal account, or choose to make payment without a PayPal account;
  • Once payment has been processed, you will be directed back to the CBHA/ACHA to set up your Member Profile, including:
    • Username, Password, Name, Address, Areas of Interest, CV, Research and Publications
    • Upload a Picture:  browse and select from your computer a picture to upload.  When asked to crop your picture, select CROP even if you do not adjust your picture.
  • Once your Member Profile has been created, you are officially a member of the CBHA/ACHA and will have access to Member's Only pages.  It will be a few days before your Profile is uploaded and available for other members to view;
  •  You will be able to update your Member Profile at any time.


To begin, please select your membership category from the following:

Young Scholars/Students/Retired - CAD$25 per year

Business Executive - CAD$250 per year

Senior Academic or Archivist - CAD$100 per year

General Public - CAD$50 per year

Small Corporation

Please contact us for more information about becoming a Small Corporation Member.

Large Corporation

Please contact us for more information about becoming a Large Corporation Member.