Announcement of CBHA/ACHA Grants and Awards to Members


Congratulations to the following CBHA/ACHA members who have recently been awarded Travel Grants/Research Grants/Scholarships:

  • J. McQuarrie – Canadian Historical Association Annual Meeting presentation
  • J. Thiessen – ABH-GUG Conference, Berlin
  • M. Kuhlberg – World History Conference, Bergen
  • J. Bonder – Annual International Studies Association (ISA) Convention, Atlanta
  • A. Johnson – Canada/US Free Trade research
  • D. Simeone – Business History Conference, Portland
  • D. Anastakis – Canadian Historical Association Annual Meeting, Calgary
  • Stephen Salmon – World History Conference, Bergen
  • Julia Smith – GWO 2016 Stream
  • Bretton Fosbrook – Research trip, Oxford University, and  National Defense University
  • Kira Lussier – Business History Conference, Portland
  • Justin Douglas – Business History Conference, Portland, and Research trip, University of Texas
  • Alexia Yates – Global Political History Workshop, Paris

Grants and awards are considered for all CBHA/ACHA members who submit an application to the Awards & Scholarship Committee.  The Committee meets on a quarterly basis to assess the requests.  Members are encouraged to submit their requests by logging on and accessing the required information and forms located under the MEMBERS section, MEMBER BURSARIES, AWARDS AND GRANTS.

Announcement of CBHA/ACHA Grants and Awards to Members

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