CBHA/ACHA Is Now Open For Public Membership


The Canadian Business History Association - l'association Canadienne pour l'histoire des affaires (CBHA/ACHA) is pleased to announce that public membership in the organization is now open for registration.

There are several types of membership in the CBHA/ACHA with different annual membership fees:

  • Young Scholars/Students/Retired   $25/year
  • Business Executives  $250/year
  • Senior Academics/Archivists  $100/year
  • General Public   $50/year
  • Small Corporations
  • Large Corporations

The benefits available vary according to the category of membership:

  • Full access to Members Only section of website with unique member id and password;
  • Access to Conference, Seminar, and Symposium materials, including visuals and speaker contacts;
  • Inclusion and access to membership list, including a complete personal member profile page (name, picture, professional designation, research interests, publications, associated memberships, etc.);
  • Inclusion of corporate logos, identity, and links on the CBHA/ACHA website;
  • Receipt of periodic newsletter;
  • Discounts on leading journals and books in the field;
  • Assistance and advice on corporate archival record management policies and setup;
  • Job board for available positions in research and business;
  • Priority invitations and membership discount pricing for all conferences, seminars, and symposiums;
  • Access to member's research publications with discount pricing, and ability to list your research publications for other members.

To join, please visit our website cbha-acha.ca

The CBHA/ACHA is dedicated to the pursuit of Canadian business history and its role both domestically and in world business history.  Our specific aims include encouraging more studies of enterprise by Canadians and in Canada, helping build and maintain well-structured and open business archives, providing those who study business history a forum for discussing their research with those who practice business, encouraging research projects on relevant subjects and providing funding for such research,  and in general encouraging the study of business history in Canada.


CBHA/ACHA Is Now Open For Public Membership

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