Conference – 2017




Date:   September 11-12, 2017

Location:  Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Presenting Sponsors: Power Corporation of Canada, Great-West Lifeco

Partner Sponsors:  Historica Canada, Deloitte, TD Bank Group, Bill Graham Centre for Contemporary International History

Co-Presenters: Historica Canada; Canada’s History Society; Michael Lee Chin Family Institute for Corporate Citizenship; Oral History Centre, University of Winnipeg; Department of History, University of Toronto; Economics Department, University of Toronto; Bill Graham Centre for Contemporary International History - Trinity College, University of Toronto.

Synopsis:  A national 2-day conference to highlight 150 Years of Canadian Business, presented in conjunction with Canada’s Sesquicentennial birthday celebrations.  The conference is multi-disciplinary and open to participation by academics, business leaders, professional archivists and the public.

The conference will present a range of session topics on business sectors that have played an important role in shaping the Canadian economy since Confederation.  Keynote dinner and luncheon speakers will be presented by high-profile experts and will address broad issues on several topics.

An edited book will be published and include selected papers presented at the conference.  A permanent digital archive of the conference and the book publication will be maintained with free public access.


DAY ONE: September 11th, 2017

Session One:  Regions and Provinces in Canada’s Business History

Prairies: Bill Waiser (University of Saskatchewan)
Central: Penny Bryden (University of Victoria)
Quebec: Marcelin Joanis (Polytechnique Montreal)
Atlantic: Don Nerbas (Cape Breton University)

Session TwoThe Role of Women in Canadian Business History
Melanie Buddle (Trent University)
Tabitha Fritz (Rotman School of Management)
Jennifer Reynolds (President & CEO, Women in Capital Markets)

Session Three - Journalism, the Press, and Canada’s Business History
Gordon Pitts (DeGroote School of Business)
Howard Green (author)

Keynote Speaker –  Robert McIntosh, Director-General, Library & Archives Canada  Archives and Canadian Business History 

Session Four: Archives Session

David Kirsch (University of Maryland)
Christian Desîlets (Université Laval)
Shannon Perry (Library & Archives Canada)

Session Five: Global Trading and Investment (Multinational Investors, FDI)
Walid Hejazi (Rotman School of Management)
Stephen Azzi (Carleton University)
Lawrence Herman (Herman & Associates)

Session Six: The Importance, Relevance and Necessity of Teaching of Canadian Business History
Joe Martin (Rotman School of Management)
Red Wilson (Business Executive, Co-founder: Historica)
Lauren Epstein (Director of Investments, Epstein Enterprises)

Session Seven: Advertising and Marketing, and R&D, to Canadians over 150 Years
Daniel Robinson (Western University)
Janis Thiessen (University of Winnipeg)
Bruce Smardon (York University)

Keynote Speaker Mr. Jim Leech,  –Former Chief Executive Officer, Ontario Teachers Pension Plan,  Pension Plans in Canadian Business History

DAY TWO: September 12th, 2017

Session Eight:  The Resource Sector and Multinationals in Canadian Business History
Robin Gendron (Nipissing University)
Stan Sudol (Communications Consultant)
Mark Kuhlberg (Laurentian University)
Graham Taylor (Trent University)

Session Nine:  150 Years of Canadian Banking Industry -Domestic to Global Growth, and Banking Oversight

Helen Sinclair (Former President, Canadian Bankers Association)
Robert Wright (Augustana University)
Laurence Mussio

Session Ten: Exploring how politics, case law and experiences have shaped securities regulation, disclosure, and independent auditing in Canada.
Jim Baillie (Retired, Torys)
Jim Goodfellow (Retired Partner & Vice Chair – Deloitte)

Keynote Speaker Mr. Perrin Beatty, President & Chief Executive Officer - Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Commerce in Canada’s Business History

Session Eleven: 150 Years of the Canadian Financial Industry
Amy Young (Upside Consulting) – Stock Exchanges
Patricia Best (Author) – Trust Companies
Mark Bonham (Massey College) – Insurance Companies

Session Twelve: Canadian Rural Business History
University Professor Emeritus Doug McCalla (University of Guelph)
Simon Berge (University of Winnipeg) – Co-Operatives
Josh MacFadyen (Arizona State University)

Session Thirteen: Indigenous Canadians and Canadian Business History

Brian Gettler (University of Toronto)
David Newhouse (Trent University)
Alison Kemper (Ryerson University)

Session Fourteen:  New Trends and Issues in Canadian Business History
Donica Belisle (University of Regina)
Jason Russell (Empire State College)
Andrew Smith (University of Liverpool)

Keynote Speaker: Professor David A. Wilson, General Editor, Dictionary of Canadian Biography