Call for sponsored panels and papers for Canadian Historical Association (CHA) meeting

"Conversations across time, place, and culture," at the University of British Columbia, June 3-5, 2019
The Canadian Business History Association/l'Association canadienne pour l'histoire des affaire (CBHA/ACHA) is an affiliated committee of the Canadian Historical Association (CHA). In this capacity the CBHA/ACHA is able to sponsor panels for the upcoming CHA Annual Meeting, which will take place June 3-5, 2019 at the University of British Columbia. Each affiliated committee of the CHA has a reserved spot for one sponsored panel, and last year we successfully sponsored two panels.
The CBHA/ACHA encourages all historians whose work falls under the broad umbrella of business history, including  those that concern consumer, labour, financial, economic and cultural history dimensions of business and capitalism. Non-Canadian topics are also welcome.
Please submit either: a) a full panel proposal; or b) an individual paper proposal that could be combined to form a panel. For details on proposal requirements, please refer to the CHA Call for Papers (EnglishFrançais).:
Please note that CHA deadline to submit proposals is *October 15th*, and so we would like to receive your proposals by next Thursday October 11th at the latest, so that we may make decisions and aggregate submissions. Please direct proposals to me at Early submission is encouraged so that we might provide a quick response.
Students and scholars within five years of the PhD are particularly encouraged to apply. 
Please note that all CBHA members may apply for CBHA/ACHA travel funding for any conference where they intend to present on a business history topic. 
Andrew Ross
(CBHA representative to the CHA, and member of the board of directors of the CBHA/ACHA)
Call for sponsored panels and papers for Canadian Historical Association (CHA) meeting

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