CBHA/ACHA Book Review Section Now Online

The CBHA/ACHA Book Review section is up and running. Our inaugural review, by Daniel Simeone of McGill University, is of Robert Sweeny’s prize winning Why Did We Choose to Industrialize? Montreal 1819-1849 (MQUP, 2015). It is our hope to publish at least one review  per issue of the CBHA/ACHA newsletter The Prospectus. Our reviews will focus on works of Canadian business history. However, we will also attempt to provide a wide coverage of economic, social, legal, and labour history.  Business history should be informed by a broad view of the best work in related disciplines. As part of this mandate we will include works on international business subjects. There are multiple histories to tell of Canadian business not the least of which is our connection to the greater world of historical scholarship.

The CBHA/ACHA Book Review section is edited by member M. Stephen Salmon.

The review pipeline currently consists of:

Culver, Expect Miracles (2014)
Evenden, Allied Power (2015)
Kulhberg, In the Power of the Government (2015)
Magnan, When Wheat Was King (2016)
Neal, Cambridge History of Capitalism (2014)
Ross, Joining the Clubs (2015)
Savoie, Harrison McCain (2013)
Tomeey, Up and to the Right (2013)
Wilson, Routledge Companion to Business History (2017)

The following books are available now for review:

Smith, Smart Globalization (2014)
Telfer, Ruin and Redemption (2014)
McCalla, Consumers in the Bush (2015)

These will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. Suggestions for reviews of works not listed above will be given serious consideration.  The editor  can be contacted at:  reviews.cbha@gmail.com

Visit the Book Review section HERE.

CBHA/ACHA Book Review Section Now Online

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